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Embracing Thai knowledge passed down from generation to generation and refined over thousands of years, De Flora Spa focuses on restoring five aggregates that we believe would provide our customers with the most relaxation. These values are what defines De Flora Spa and massage in Phuket. Inspired by traditional Thai knowledge, each De Flora Spa treatment and massage is designed to improve your health and well-being.

Discover your Thainess experience

Authentic Thai Spa
Since 1996

10 years of customer trust, let's gift yourself some love and reconnect your mind and body for a day
at De Flora Spa Phuket.


Authentic Thai Spa

Authentic Thai spa and massage in Phuket, discover your peaceful moment at De Flora spa

  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Hot coconut oil massage
  • Gua sha firm face
  • Hot stone massage
  • A lot more...

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massage thai spa

Experience Original Thai spa and massage

Do you enjoy having massages? Then you must experience a Thai massage at De Flora Spa! Thai Traditional Massage The original Thai massage entailed the masseur massaging the subject's back and feet while stretching the fingers and toes. If you believe the therapist’s intensity is…

massage thai spa

Thai Massage & Spa advice

Health consideration If you inform your massage therapist of any existing medical problems before your session begins, they will be able to provide a most suitable and appropriate experience. Also, if you are under the care of a doctor, please consult with them before scheduling…

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